This piece was inspired by the Yidinji peoples story of Oolana and her lost love. The Woman of the lake, also known as Babinda Boulders or Devils Creek.


The Dreaming:

"There was a beautiful girl named Oolana, from the Yidinji people, who married Waroonoo, a respected elder from her tribe.

Shortly after their union another tribe moved into the area and a handsome young man came into her life. His name was Dyga and the pair soon fell in love.

Realising the crime they were committing, the young lovers escaped their tribes and fled into the valleys.

The elders soon captured them, but Oolana broke free from her captors and threw herself into the still waters of what is now known as Babinda Boulders, calling for Dyga to follow her.

As she hit the waters, her anguished cries for her lost lover turned the still waters into a rushing torrent and the land shook with sorrow. Huge boulders were scattered around the creek and the crying Oolana disappeared among them.

The local mob say her spirit still guards the boulders and that her calls for her lost lover can still be heard."


Since the 1950s' 18 men and 1 woman have drowned in the creek known locally as the washing machine. The Yidinji People believe Oolana's spirit calls men and claims their lives.


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Oolana, Yidinji Mermaid