Ochre my Grandmother, Ochre Me.

Ceramic dish created to symbolise the mixing of ochres for body painting and ceremonies. Ochre, ground into a powder was traditionally use for a multitude of reasons including but not limited to the painting of new babies. This piece was designed to convey the connection to my ancestors through tradition, knowledge and ceremony.

Made from teracotta and white earthern ware clay in a marble of brown and white, two worlds, as I am myself. The white underglaze inside represents the stain of the ochre on the bowl, on the worlds, on myself. The underglaze is topped with a clear glaze while the rest is left raw.


A single dish created as a one of a kind piece by Melle Haimona, Ngunnawal Artist

Measures 15cm diameter at it's widest point x 4.5 at it's heighest point

Will be shipped with bubble wrap, tracking and all other precautions neccesary 

Ochre my Grandmother, Ochre Me - Ceramic Dish