Meet Melle :

Hieee! :)

My name is Melle (pronounced M-EH-L) and I am a 29 year old intuitive Ngunawal artist living on Wangal land, Sydney.

The majority of my work is digital and shows a strong continual theme of body positivity, feminity, connections to country, tipuna and sisterhood. I love to learn and explore new mediums but as my dad likes to say I am a "Jack of all trades, master of none", so I dabble in pretty much everything. Thanks dad 😅

The past 7 or so years have been on a journey of internal work and reconnection, which started with the birth of my daughter Rose in 2013. She is the reason everything stands the way it does today. My business, my cultural connections, my te reo Mãori and my education. In 2021 I will start a new journey to complete a Bachelor in Indigenous Studies and she will too be the reason for this. 

to be continued..


'Storm' - Walanga Muru 2019 Scholarship Auction

Pacific Runway Stall Melle Haimona 2019